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Kate Chorley has a rare and incredible gift. She has enabled and empowered me to build a much greater quality of life for myself

Kate Chorley

My passion and unique ability for helping people improve their life came from overcoming my own personal struggles.

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Specialising in Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Anxiety, Habits and Mood issues.

What holds you back in life? Is it depression or anxiety? Are you overweight and unhappy? Do you Smoke or Drink too much? Perhaps you just want to feel more in control and able to achieve your goals. Hypnotherapy and Personal Coaching are excellent tools to help you get back in control and overcome challenges.

Ask yourself this. Isn’t it time you took the step to change your behaviour and your mood? How will it be to feel happier, calmer and more positive?

Parramatta Hypnotherapy uses hypnotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy and coaching to get you on a new path.

Look there is so much nonsense out there about hypnotherapy but the reality is that professional hypnotherapy is safe, effective and makes sense.

What you need is quality hypnotherapy services from a professional, insured and certified psychotherapist. So how does Parramatta Hypnotherapy ensure that we are simply the best hypnotherapy service in the area? For a start the principle practicioner is tertiary qualified and has a health care background. Secondly Parramatta Hypnotherapy is fully insured. Thirdly Parramatta hypnotherapy is a full member of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association. But its the results that really speak for themselves. All testimonials offered are real and current. They are supplied by satisfied clients without inducement.

Hypnotherapy is a realistic way to overcome all sorts of problems like: Habits, Excessive Worry, Phobias, Depression, Sports and Work Performance, Sexual issues, Study performance, IBS and more.

All bookings will entitle you to receive free support between sessions.

You can contact Parramatta Hypnotherapy now by phone or by email. You can also book an appointment directly on this website. So take the first step and get in touch right now.

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